06 – 07 December 2018 / Afyonkarahisar / Turkey
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Purpose of the Symposium

Prof. Dr. Mr. Veysel EROĞLU
Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs

Water is the first source of the life and it has became important issue in living area for all creatures. The most of communicable diseases transmit via waste water. The importance of water and diseases can be caused from it has became perceived only in the 150 years. World Health Organization (WHO) estimates about %80 diseases of developing countries that is connected from water.

Undoubtfully, important issue is protected, used and managed of our available potable water sources. And our target is; to submit our sources for public use productivly and not to leave lost or undrinkable sources but flowing water from in a loud fountains.

And the same time, waste water should be managed very controlled for protection of human and continuing environmental health and natural life. Studies in this area make progress rapidly with development technology in our country and especially in the river basins carry into effect projects with necessary measures against pollution with our Action Plan.

I consider as mission of all us to convey ‘’Water – Life Source’’ without pollution and is the most important heritage for our future generations.


Murat ACU
General Director of State Hydraulic Works

1st International Potable Water and Waste Water Symposium will be done 0n 6 – 7 December of 2018 in Afyonkarahisar under the honorary presidency of Prof. Dr. Mr. Veysel EROĞLU, President Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs by Directorate General For State Hydraulic Works for supplying productive and sustainable limited water sources which are increasing because of global warming, climate change and population growth for revealing developments in matter of potable and waste water systems’ design, operation, improving, protection and managing of water sources.

The studies about using effectively, productively and sustainably of water in potable water and waste water systems will be monitored, the developments in technology, encountered problems and their solutions will be discussed and the commited studies in the matter of ‘’Systems of Potable Water and Waste Water’’ with conceving platform for experience sharing will be contributed with gathering representatives of governments, public institutions, local administrations, local and foreign academics, representatives of private sector and consultants in Symposium.. I invite all stakeholders to cooperation and collaboration for combining of their efforts and experiences in this direction.