06 – 07 December 2018 / Afyonkarahisar / Turkey

1st International Symposium on Potable Water and Waste Water” organized by General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) is planned to take place on 6 to 7 December 2018 under the Honorary Presidency of Dr. Mr. Bekir PAKDEMİRLİ, the Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs. The purpose of this symposium is to present the developments in the design and operation of potable water and waste water systems, improvement, protection and management of our limited water resources, in order to supply - in an efficient and sustainable way - the necessary water for demand, which has increased due to population growth and global warming.

Government agencies and representatives, academics, private sector representatives and consultants will be gathered and studies concerning effective, efficient and sustainable use of water in the potable water and wastewater systems will be observed, technological developments, problems encountered and solutions will be discussed, a discussion environment based on experience sharing will be created and contributed to the studies in the field of “Potable Water and Waste Water Systems.