06 – 07 December 2018 / Afyonkarahisar / Turkey


1- Management of Potable Water Resources

- Protection of potable water basins and resources

- Hydrogeological studies in potable water projects with underground water resources and management/allocation of potable water resources

- Historical development of water supply systems and water management

- Water legislation studies

- Water saving

2- Design Criteria for Potable Water Treatment Plants and Examples of Application

- R&D and Innovation Studies on potable water treatment

- New chemical and physical technologies in potable water treatment (removal of taste and odor, removal of arsenic, removal of nitrate and nitrite etc.)

- Current practices in potable water treatment;

Conventional potable water treatment plants

Granular activated carbon filter applications

Advanced treatment systems, conventional package treatment applications

- Water Intake Structures in Reservoirs for Potable Water and Their Effects on Water Quality

- Wastes Generated in Potable Water Treatment Processes and Methods of Removal

3- Operation of Potable Water Facilities and Problems

- Optimization and principles of potable water treatment plant operation and problems encountered in application

- SCADA and automation systems in potable water facilities

- Operation problems in potable water facilities

- Water quality effects of hydropower structures on potable water pipelines

4- Planning, Transmission, Supply and Distribution of Potable Water Resources

- Planning and design principles of potable water transmission systems

- Potable water distribution network systems

- Design principles of pipeline structures in potable water projects

- Hydropower structures on potable water facilities, power production and saving

5- Current Practices on Potable Water Transmission in Turkey

- Sea Crossing Pipeline (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Water Supply Project Sea Crossing Pipeline etc.) and Sea Outfall Pipelines

- Melen Project (Crossing of Bosphorus)

- Gerede Project


Collection and Treatment of Waste Water

- Wastewater management in Turkey and its comparison with international wastewater policies

- R&D and innovation studies in the field of wastewater

- Design of wastewater treatment plants

- Network and collector systems

- Reuse of treated water (in irrigation, industry, etc.)

- Energy efficiency in wastewater plants

- Use of renewable energy resources in the wastewater sector

- Alternative wastewater treatment methods in small settlements

- Disposal methods and legislation of sewage sludge

- Operation principles of the wastewater treatment plants and problems encountered, regulation on the evaluation of wastewater discharge permit requests

- Financial Models of Wastewater infrastructure

- Effects of treated wastewaters on the groundwater

- Environmental problems caused by wastewater