06 – 07 December 2018 / Afyonkarahisar / Turkey
Presenter Topic
Prof. Dr. Ahmad MAMMADOV Methods For Cleaning Horizontal Settling Basin
Prof. Dr. Arzu ÇİÇEK Determination of the Trophic Level of Porsuk Dam Reservoir
Prof. Dr. Ayşe MUHAMMETOĞLU Energy Recovery Potential from Excess Pressure Reduction in Water Transmission Lines
Prof. Dr. Azize AYOL Current Situation of Domestic/Municipal/Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants in Gediz Watershed Area and Future Perspective
Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Avni ÖKTEM Arsenic Detection in Water via Whole Cell Biosensors
Prof. Dr. Mehmet KİTİŞ The Use of Pellet Reactor to Increase Water Recovery and Decrease the Volume of Reverse Osmosis Concentrate Characterized by High Hardness and Silica Concentrations
Doç. Dr. Alper Erdem YILMAZ The Investigation of Energy Consumption in Urban Wastewater Treatment by Electrocoagulatıon
Doç. Dr. Alper Erdem YILMAZ The Investigation of Flow Rate Effect on Electrooxidation Process And Leachate Treatment
Doç. Dr. Amer A. KANAN Seasonal and Spatial Effects on Total Trihalomethane Formation Potential in Groundwater in Tulkarm and Hebron, Palestine
Doç. Dr. İlknur DURUKAN TEMÜGE Determination of the amount of antimony that passes through polyetherphthalate (PET) materials to drinking water and investigation of factors affecting this transition
Doç. Dr. Baybars Ali FİL The Effect of Initial Dyestuff Concentration and Current Density in Color Removal by Electrocoagulation
Doç. Dr. Duygu KAVAK Removal of Suspended Solid Materials From the Domestic Waste Water by Nanofiltration
Doç. Dr. Okan Tarık KOMESLİ Treatment Technologies Used for Removal of Micropollutants in Wastewater
Doç. Dr. Petros GIGAS Disinfection of Hydrophonic Cultivations Effluent Using Continuous UV Radiation Systems
Demonstration of water loops with innovative regenerative business models for the Mediterranean region — HYDROUSA
Doç. Dr. Simos MALAMİS
Dr. Burhanettin FARİZOĞLU Investigation of COD Removal From Slaughterhouse Wastewater Using Newly Developed Jet Loop Membrane Bioreactor
Dr. Elif KÜÇÜK Determination of the Impact of Point Sources on the Quality of the Receving Environment of Yeşilırmak River Basin
Dr. Günay ABDİYEVA-ALİYEVA Integrated Management of Water Supply In The Republic of Azerbaijan
Dr. Hakan ÇELEBİ The Ecological Dimension of High Pollution Load of Olive Oil Industry Wastewaters
Dr. Hatice ŞENGÜL Comparative assessment of phase transfer rates of three types of core-shell CdSe/ZnS, InP/ZnS, CuInSe/ZnS quantum dots from organic-to-water phase
Dr. Houming NI Design and Installation of Water Pipeline Renewals
Dr. Savaş ÖZÜN Wastewater Management in Mining and Mineral Processing Plants
Dr. Serdar KOYUNCU Integrated Approac to Wastewater Management in Turkey, KOSKI (General Directorate of Konya Water and Sewerage Authority) Model
Dr. Theoni Maria MASSARA Activities and achievements of the Ad-Bio (Advanced biological wastewater treatment processes) project: an overview
Dr. Veysel SELİMOĞLU Removal of Boron From Industrial Wastewater by Chemical Reaction - Coagulation Method
Abdullah MURATOĞLU Water Footprint Analysis of Tigris River Basin
Aybala KOÇ ORHON Determination of Receiving Environment Based Discharge Standards for Urban and Industrial Waste Water: Gediz Basin Pilot Study
Aydan QUDRATLI Application of Technology for Treating Surface Effluent From Urban Areas
Ayşe EFE The Future of Water in the Light of Discussion on the Privatization of Local Public Services
Baha KURTULUŞ Apllication of Solar Energy Systems in Waste Water Treatment Plants
Balzhan AMANBAYEVA Wastewater use for irrigation in Kazakhstan
Barış VURAL Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation Problems and Solution Proposals; Example of Isparta Süleyman Demirel Organized Industrial District
Burak EKİNCİ Water Loss and Leakage Control in Water Supply and Distribution Systems
Cem TURGUT Prominent Alternatives for Arsenic Treatment in Rural Regions: İZSU Practice
Ceren AKSU Determination and Management of Urban Sensitive Areas in TURKEY
Cihan GÜNEŞ Model Design Providing Process Design According to source Quality in Potable Water Treatment
Cihan GÜNEŞ A New R&D Method Providing Theoretical and Applied Account Approach to Wastewater Treatment
Cihan ÖZGÜR Formation Potential of Disinfection By-Products for Different Disinfection Scenarios in Isparta Drinking Water Supply
Çağla AKAT KÖSE The Contol of Cyanobacterias in Water Resources
Dicle Tatar Active Carbon Filtration Pilot Test Works in İSKİ İkitelli Potable Water Treatment Plant
Dilek Demirel YAZICI Impacts of Climate Change to Water Resources, Adaptation and DSI Studies in the Context of Climate Change
Ebru ADA Design Principles and Application References in Water Treatment Plants, Current Methods and New Technologıes Which Are Used in Water Treatment Plant System Design, SCADA and Automation Systems in Water Treatment Plants, Water Treatment Plants and Operational Problems
Elif KÜLAH KUZU Removal of Suspended Solid Materials From the Domestic Waste Water by Nanofiltration
Emine Çağla ÇİLİNGİR Photocatalytic Treatment of Landfill Leachate Using UV/TiO2
Emre ÖZALP TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) Water Supply Project
Erhan ALKAN İSU Modular Type Wastewater Treatment Plant
Esra ŞILTU Developing a Perspective towards Management of Endocrine Disrupting Substances in Water Resources
Fulya YAYCILI Potable Water Management in Turkey
Gamze TÜRKMEN Sustainable Use of Potable Water Sources
Halil İbrahim ÇETİNER Performing of Potable Water, Waste Water and Flood Discharge and the Cubage Calculations of the Project Areas Using Computer Software: a Case Study from Çankırı
Hamit ŞİRİN Technologies Used in Rainwater Treatment
Huacheng LI Technical Performance of Ductile Iron Pipes
İbrahim BAL Management of Wasterwater Treatment Plants in Turkey, General Directorate of Sakarya Water and Sewarage Administration (SASKİ) Model
İlkay UTKU Nanofiltration Process at Taste and Odor Removal: Pilot-scale Studies
Kader ÖZGÜR BÜYÜKSAKALLI Evaluation of Use of Renewable Energy in Wastewater Treatment Plants in Turkey
Kemal Berk ORHON Integrated Basin Management in Turkey: Pressure-Impact Analysis of Marmara Basin and Related Meriç-Ergene Basin
M. Mevra YALVAÇ Turkey, Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration Wastewater Treatment Plants in the Reuse of Treated Waste Water Applications
Mehmet Can GÜÇLÜ The Effects of the Polymeric Membrane Modification Using Bismuth Chelate for Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Operations
Mehmet ZEREN Steel Pipe Industry in Turkey and Use of Steel Pipe in Transmission Lines
Melih KAYAL Assesment of the Büyük Menderes River in Terms of Heavy Metal Pollution
Melike H. YAVUZ Major Problems Encountered in Operation of Treatment Plants with Membranes
Meral ERDOĞAN TOPÇUOĞLU A Curve Number (Scs-Cn) Method Approach to Groundwater Recharge: Example of İzmit Basin (Kocaeli)
Meriç BÜTÜN Significance of Studies Conducted for Setting Special Provisions to Protect Drinking Water Basins
Merve İŞLEK General View to Hydrogeological Studies at Domestic Water Projects with Groundwater Resources, Management and Allocation: Importance of Groundwater in Domestic Water supply and DSI Studies
Mihriban Hacı GÖKTAŞ Individual Waste Water Treatment Management in Rural Areas
Mikdat ÖZMEN Geotechnical Works within Scope of Potable Water and Waste Water Treatment Facilities Site Selection
Muhammer SALİMOĞLU Evaluation of HDPE Pipe Durability in Weather Conditions
Mustafa Emin TOPALOĞLU Special Provision Studies in Protection of Potable Water Basins and Resources
Mustafa KAÇ Water Analytic and Smart Network Management Systems
Nezih Burak AKAR Protection Areas of Potable Water Wells and Resources
Nihat GÜL The Membrane Technology in Wastewater and Garbage Leachates
Nuray ATEŞ Pesticide Pollution at Sultan Marshes Ecosystem in Kayseri, TURKEY:Preliminary Results
Oruç Kaan TÜRK Sulfate Removal by Membrane Distillation of Anodizing Coating Waste Water of Aluminum Industry
Osman YILDIRIM Sustainable Intelligent Water Management for Smart Cities
Övgü COŞKUN Investigation of Reuse of Treated Wastewater in Akarçay Basin
Recep PARTAL Practices to Reduce Energy Use in Urban/Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plants and Achievements
Seda SAKİ Zwitterionic L-DOPA and Nanoparticle Modified Reverse Osmosis Membranes for Forward Osmosis Applications
Selahattin OKUMUŞ Alternative Solution in Sludge Disposal of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants: Integrated Sludge Gasification Power Plant and Odor Removal
Selin SAĞLAM KÖŞKER Studies for Protection of Potable Water Basins
Sema Zülal BALCI Microplastics in sewage sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plant and some potential risks
Semih TURAN Hydropower Facilities on Potable Water Pipelines
Sevtap AKMAN Design and Norm Guide for Conventional Potable Water Treatment Facilities
Sinan ASAL USA Model in Treatment Sludge Removal
Şerife GÖKÇE Analysis of Turkey's Wastewater Legislation
Tuğba SAĞLAM Some Protozoon (monocellular) Parasitic Infestations Caused by Waste Water
Ulaş ATİKLER Internal Steel Pipe Linings in Potable Water Conveyance
Ülker TAGHIYEVA Physico-Chemical And Microbiological Study Of The Water Quality Of Jeyranbatan Reservoir And Water Sources Joining To This Reservoir
Ümüt Sakine DEMİR Effects of Damages in Water Distribution Systems to Hydraulic Parameters
Yağmur Meltem AYDIN KIZILKAYA Removal of Chlorinated Pesticides by Carbon Nanotube Adsorption from Waters
Yasin TORUN Use of Trenchless Technologies in Potable Water and Wastewater Pipelines
Zehra Rana İKİZOĞLU Monitoring of Aquatic Environments with Innovative Sampling Techonologies - Semipermeable Membrane Devices (SPMD): A Case Study at Yeşilırmak Basin
Zelal IŞIK Investigation of the Effects of the Pre-Treatment of Leachate on Membrane Performance
Zeynep Kübra DÖNMEZ Reuse of Wastewater and DSİ Ankara River Project